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April 12, 2016

Support me on Patreon! My Patreon page is where you can help support my music on an ongoing basis, in exchange for some exclusive perks.

Your funds help with the costs of recording, producing, editing, equipment, and distribution for my music and videos, as well as travel costs, merchandise, and all that other great stuff that helps me to engage with YOU, my fans!

Just select how much you want to support for each video I release, and an accompanying reward tier. I offer things like:

– Early access to new music
– Exclusive tickets
– Special announcements
– Monthly Google Hangout
– Your name in video descriptions
– Personal calls
– Video messages

Becoming a patron is completely optional, and I appreciate any support – even if it’s just listening and sharing my music! You can also adjust or cancel your pledge anytime you need to.

Thank you!

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